Number 1 Email Question

The answer to the most asked question about email and spam.

The question is...How can others send email using my email address?

It is easy to send email as anyone. The email address line that you see in email can be set to just about anything. There is no law that says it has to be your name. It could be you and your spouse's name, the family name, the business' name or use your imagination.

In Microsoft Outlook, in your email account settings, it is your User Information that controls what your “from” address is in your emails. 

It is a common spammer trick to forge the email address. (This is called 'spoofing.')  This may confuse someone enough to have them open the message because if a message is from themselves or from a trusted colleague it must be legitimate even though it may not be legitimate.

Over the year's, we've gotten frantic calls from customers.  The calls generally go like this...the 'vice president' of a company says that the 'president' of the company is furious because he sent him an email encouraging him to procure medications to enhance his pleasure.  We try to explain that this is a spammer trick and is probably what happened in their case.

The second question

Is how do you stop spammers from using your email address?  Unfortunately, the answer is that you really can't prevent someone else from using your email address.  So you need to protect yourselves by following a few simple rules.

  1. Don't share your email address with everyone under the sun.  Consider using a 'disposable' email for those times where you are unsure about sharing your primary address.
  2. Don't have your email address listed on a website.  Spammers have their own search engines called 'spiders' that look for email addresses on web pages and then add them to their lists.
  3. Get a good email protection service.  Metro IT offers a great email protection service.

There are tons and tons of more rules but if you can remember these 3 you will be in pretty good shape.  Once you are on the spammer's list, there is no way to get off so it is important to prevent yourself from ever getting on the list in the first place.

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