Metro IT uses Postini Enterprise Edition to stop spam and viruses in email. Postini is world class in its effectiveness.

Postini isn't 100% effective in stopping unwanted email messages but it is at least 98% effective. As a consumer, every one should be extremely wary of any vendor that says they stop 100% of spam. People can probably stop 100% of spam but they are also stopping probably 5% to 10% of legitimate messages. These false positives can can a lot more problems than the 2% of spam that may have snuck through.

Our solution is a managed solution. It stops spam before it gets to your location using your own corporate DNS records. So there is no hardware of software that you have to install, maintain, upgrade and basically fiddle around with to stop the incoming spam. If you own your own domain name, we can usually get you up and running on our system in about an hour.

There is a monthly charge per email account. Frankly, the cost for our Postini Enterprise Edition isn't that much. We include spooling in the monthly service price. Spooling will store incoming email in case your email server goes down. Incoming messages will be kept until your server comes back online. Many other Postini resellers charge extra for that little feature. However, we don't because we feel everyone should have that valuable service.

Prices are monthly and range from $5.00 an email account to $3.00 for larger number of accounts for a business. There is a 10% discount if you pre-pay for the year.

Metro IT uses the solution ourselves so we are expert in configuring it. No obligation free trials are available. Every person that has tried our solution, kept it. So what are you waiting for? We would love to set you up so contact us today!